Four Star Pizza’s Kindness Calendar is back!

Our Kindness Calendar is back which means, once again, that Pizza is good for you AND for others.

It’s like an advent calendar – every day you can open a door and reveal a coupon for that day’s treat. We’re talking about free cookies or cinnamon breadsticks, £5 off or double loyalty points.

BUT, here’s where the kindness comes in: every time you use a coupon code, we’ll donate £1 to Cash for Kids NI. At the end of December, we will match all the donations and give the total to Cash for Kids NI. Is there nothing pizza can’t do?

But that’s not all. Because this is a very important time to give back, you can also make your own donation to Cash for Kids NI as you order. At the end of December, we will match the amount you have kindly donated and give it all to Cash for Kids NI.

Cash for Kids NI supports children and young people affected by poverty, abuse, neglect, life-limiting illness, and those with additional needs. For more information, visit them here.

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