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42 Railway Road, Coleraine BT52 1PF, UK

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Pizza Coleraine

The Giant’s Causeway. A certain brand of cheese. A breathtaking coastline. There’s a lot to love about being in Coleraine, and pizza lovers won’t find a more delicious pizza around town than at Four Star Pizza Coleraine.

We raised the bar with our menu of pizzas and deals that will quickly have you picking up the phone or hitting the ORDER NOW button to see for yourself what some locals are calling the best pizza in Coleraine.

With extended opening hours and a convenient location right in the middle of town, getting great pizza has never been easier when you choose Four Star Pizza.

What makes Four Star Coleraine special?

We could spend all day talking pizza (something we will never get bored of) and think that a big reason we’re seen as one of the best pizza spots in Coleraine is how we make everything.

We like to think it’s the little things that make our pizzas so special. Whether that’s the care we take in sourcing quality ingredients, the options for toppings, or the fact that there is something for everyone on the menu, the Four Star Pizza Coleraine team is always focused on creating the best possible pizza in the way we know you love.

Don’t forget that every single pizza baked in our oven uses dough that we make fresh every day on-site. That’s right, we use fresh dough as standard; a difference you can really taste in your pizza when it’s delivered or collected.

Pizza deals bigger than the Giant’s Causeway

It’s important to our team that every pizza we pop in a box and send on its merry way meets not only our high standards, but yours too. We also believe that pizza should be customised with your own favourite toppings, sauces, bases and sides, including the brave people out there who boast of liking pineapple on their pizza.

That’s why we like to have unbeatable deals and offers, from our BOGOF deals to seasonal pizza combos that hit the spot every time. Yes, you’ve read that right, sometimes our pizza deals include Buy One Get One Free pizza!

Does Four Star Pizza Coleraine offer delivery?

Yes. We deliver all day long and try to have your freshly-baked pizza out of the oven and in front of you as quickly as possible. We deliver within the local area and aim to deliver your pizza within 30 minutes. On rare occasions when your delivery is running late, please don’t hesitate to call Four Star Pizza Coleraine and ask the team to track your order down and give you an update.

Don’t forget, the Four Star Pizza app is the easiest way to order your pizza just how you want it and keep track of your order. Oh, and app users can easily collect points that go towards money off future orders (and yes, that includes free pizza).

Where is the Four Star Pizza Coleraine menu?

Hungry for pizza now? Have a look at our menu right here. Just remember to have a good look over our current deals and you could bag a few premium sides (wedges are very popular in Coleraine) and even some cookies or ice cream at an unbeatable price.

Can I get Four Star Pizza Coleraine for an event?

Who doesn’t love a pizza party? Four Star Pizza can bring your party to life, whether that’s catering a business event, helping you turn a quiet night into a pizza party, or even getting pizza delivered for a wedding. Get in touch over the phone as we can usually provide special meal deals for large groups. Call us now and we’ll see what we can do.

Does Four Star Pizza Coleraine offer vegetarian or vegan pizzas?

Think veggie or vegan pizza is boring? Think again. You’ll find all the latest information on options for veggie / vegan pizza fans here. Give it a look and see what toppings, dips and sides we have just for you.

Four Star Pizza Coleraine is all about giving you the best possible pizza experience. If you have an allergy or dietary requirements that mean your choice of ingredients will be slightly different, we keep an updated list of allergens on our home page.

Need to know more about specific ingredients? Making a group order and want to be reassured that those who need specific ingredients will get the best pizza possible? Give the team a quick call and we’ll get it done.

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